Day 132 of rehab...

It’s 5:30 in the morning. I wake up to the sound of my roommate snoring, cars racing up and down Venice Blvd and the bright light of a billboard advertising the newest Apple product. I look up and stare at the ceiling for about 15 minutes thinking about how Joe Exotic almost became the governor of Oklahoma (or Kansas or whatever) before I pick up my phone and start scrolling through Instagram until my eyes start to water.

Wait, what day is it? Monday? Shit, I’m pretty sure I had a thing today. Did I have a thing today? I don’t know and frankly don’t care.

It’s 8am and time for breakfast. The usual suspects. Slightly overcooked turkey bacon, some watery scrambled eggs and frozen waffles that could give Eggo a run for their money. Psh, do I want syrup? What kind of question is that Greg? Fuck yeah I do!

It’s 8:15am and back in bed. I close my eyes and...

Holy shit, it’s noon already? I should probably get out of bed. FUCK. I totally missed that run I was supposed to go on. Or was that yesterday? Or is that tonight? Honestly I’m not going to go either way.

Alright. Here we go Geoff. Let’s be productive. Let’s get shit done. You got this. No Instagram, no Facebook, no Tinder, no Bumble. Open that laptop your parents paid for and get some adulting done.

Wait, Avatar The Last Airbender is on Netflix... maybe just one episode...

5:30 pm and time for dinner. Looks alright but I think I’ll order on UberEats. 30 bucks for a double cheeseburger. Fuckin' deal!

God I’m tired. I should go to a meeting though, it’s been a while. But Zoom sucks. And honestly with this pandemic going on how good could these meetings be anyways. Grand Theft Auto it is.

Finally, in bed for the night. I had a long day. Do I have therapy tomorrow? Eh, I’ll figure it out.

I wonder what’s for breakfast.